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Buying a House in Spain:


This is your fiscal registry number in Spain. It is permanent and personal to the individual and is used for ID purposes. We will assist you to obtain one or we will manage the whole process on your behalf if you grant us power of attorney. This can be very useful if you have not arrived in Spain at the time of requiring one.

Bank Account

A Spanish bank account is required for paying utility bills and taxes as well as for the cheque or transfer when buying a property. We will assist you in opening an Account of your choice and advise on the best rates depending on your residential status.


We are experts in finding the best mortgage for your needs, fixed or variable rates, offering the cheapest monthly payments.


We work with a very efficient insurance broker who will find the best options for your house insurance, medical insurance or car insurance with the best prices and coverage. Also Funeral Plans and others.

Utility Bills

When buying a property, it is essential that the correct details are recorded. We will take care of all the changes required on all contracts (electricity, water, gas, community and taxes) into the appropriate name and bank account. Correspondingly, we will advise you on the best available utility rates and power consumption that best match your needs.

Non-Resident Tax

Must be paid by all house owners when non-resident. We will act as your fiscal representative and make sure your taxes are paid on time.

Spanish Wills

Anyone owning a property in Spain is strongly advised to have a Spanish Will. Having a Will make for a less complicated process in the future. The Wills are done within European regulations, that ensures it will be obey by your home country´s law. All Wills go to a central registry and can be recovered by any Notaria in Spain if required. All our customers receive a copy of the will for their own records. We can, if instructed on your behalf, recover the Will and assist in its execution.


In this area (Alicante), the first 100,000 Euros are exempt from paying taxes with any remaining sum, above this amount, attracting a very small percentage of tax. We offer a service to comply with Inheritance tax, even when the sum is below 100,000 Euro and there is no tax to pay, you will still require a lawyer to arrange the tax form, inventory, notary and registry.

When You Buy a House

We specialise in this area and will ensure that there are no outstanding debts on the property, seizures or illegal building issues that will make you liable when buying the house. We gather all the legal facts before, during and after the sale, including paying all the taxes for the seller and buyer, assist or represent on your behalf the legal presentation at the Notary, obtain registration at Land Registry and change all utility contracts to your name including tax representation. This way you can relax and enjoy your new property.

Selling a House in Spain:

Sun House Spain will inform you of all the expenses incurred in the process, take care of the EEC and Habitation Certificate, sales agreement, legal representation and assistance always for the sale.

Habitation Certificate

This certificate, or “declaracion responsable”, is required when selling a house or when changing the name on the water suppliers contract. It is provided by the architect and has an additional fee, payable to the Town Hall on application.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

When buying a house, the seller must provide an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC). The EEC declares the quality of the building in terms of its energy efficiency. When you are selling, we will obtain your EEC via a reputable architect, offering excellent prices.

Other Legal Services for Residents and Non-Residents:


We guarantee discretion, effective questioning and a promise to maintain your privacy.


Is the permission to live in Spain on a permanent basis. To apply for residency, you must provide: A PADRON (Check below) + PROOF OF INCOME + MEDICAL PROTECTION


Is the address registration at your local Town Hall. This is required by residents or future residents.

Social Security Number

If you are planning on employment you will need this number for your employer to register you as an official employee.

Driving Licence

When resident in Spain you are required to have a Spanish driving license. To change your EU License, you will be required to pass a “medical test” where they check your eyes, blood pressure, any medication and a very simple coordination test. It´s not done in your local medical center, but in “psicotecnico”. We can assist in this process and either take you to the medical center or direct you to the nearest one.

Car Transfers

If you bring your UK/Danish registered car to Spain you should change it to Spanish plates. This requires an Engineers report and may require the changing of Head lights, taxes (depending on Co2 emissions of the car), a Spanish ITV (MOT/TÜV) with further traffic fees to be paid. We can advise you of the costs prior to re-registration.


Please remember if you bring your car from abroad you will require special permission (Green Card) from your insurance company back home to be covered here. When this expires and you still have the vehicle in Spain, we can arrange through our broker a competitive quote for insurance on your UK or Spanish car.

Similarly, having a comprehensive home insurance policy will help you relax when the “worst might happen” or any other unexpected problems occur. Again, through our broker we can offer competitively priced solutions.

Bear in mind that “low cost” companies do not always cover more than one claim a year or certain circumstances… so you may not have the cover you believe you have.

We also offer a funeral insurance plan, to be paid in 5 years, if needed within the first five years, then you don´t pay the outstanding amount.

If you have any kind of LEGAL REQUIREMENT (from a neighbour dispute to a criminal hearing), we have an associate lawyer and a team of assistants, with more than 15 years’ experience in all legal matters to assist you and offer the very best advise at extremely competitive rates.

We also have the services of a Retired UK Detective of 30 years’ experience, who may be able to advise on UK related matters.

Give us a call and we may be able to help you.

Income Tax

Income tax must be paid by residents. You must file an income tax return in Spain if you:

Earn more than EUR 22,000.00 a year.

Changed your job within the same year and your last employer paid you more than EUR 1,500 during the year.

The tax period coincides with the calendar year.

This tax is assessed differently for residents and non-residents in Spain. Should you fail to pay this tax, you will be charged and penalized by the Spanish Tax Agency.

Through our in-house tax advisor, we can assist you with your tax declarations and find the best solution to stay legal, without paying more than is required.

Register as Self-Employed: Thinking of becoming self-employed in Spain then we can help in complying with the legislation and what you need to do to create a small company (Our tax advisor will provide details of fees and options)

Other Professionals

Do you need a professional?

If you need an architect for your building works we will help you find the best professional with good rates.

Any other professionals you may need, builder, electrician, plumber, mechanic…. Ask us, we will recommend a good one.

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